Retired Loans

Being a retiree with today’s expenses is very difficult. Small pensions are often not sufficient to cover basic living needs. Although a large number of pensioners live on the edge looking at each of their kunas, this should not be so.

If you need a loan and you are a pensioner, you have come to the right place because Good Finance has ready loans for you in both kuna and cash.

Retirement loans at no extra cost and paperwork

No matter what retirement you are in, whether it’s a military, work, disability one is for sure. You do not need a lot of paperwork and time to collect the necessary documents to raise a loan. Forget about notaries, nerve wracking and the situations you have had to endure so far.

All retirees have the opportunity to apply for retirement loans that we pay out within 24 hours directly to a checking account with a bank. It is possible to pay off the loan within 15 minutes of signing and receiving the documentation. You can also get these loans as loans to the rest of your income.

End small pensions and look at every kuna. Pay off your expenses knowing you won’t be touching new ones from retirement.

How to get a loan for retirees

All the information on how to get a loan for retirees on our site and the link “application process”. By following the steps very easily and in just a few minutes you can request a loan. It is not necessary to walk around collecting paperwork, waiting and jostling for money, time, nerves and patience to request retirement loans.

With just the basic documentation, you can claim money through tablets, cell phones or computers. To access our services you only need an internet connection. We are covered all over Croatia so you do not have to worry.

Retired loan in kuna and cash

We operate in accordance with all laws and rules. We do not work black or use lowercase letters. We have no hidden sentences or attempts to deceive you. Our goal is to help you, not to give you away. You can count on loans in the future, after you have already contacted us and used our services. Retirement loans are only in kuna and are paid in cash in one go. We aim to meet the client’s financial needs in a safe, fast, professional and easy way.

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In addition to retirement loans, we are also able to offer you a number of other financial solutions that are completely new and innovative in our market. Among them are sms loans and loans. You will receive all the information on how to apply for a loan via sms message after you first use the service online and repay it in full.